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Thanks Brian and Shirley!

dsc03091Last week we took time to celebrate the decades of leadership and commitment that Shirley and Brian Pegler have given so generously and especially in this community.  Brian and Shirley have been at the forefront of the provision of Christian Religious Education in our school and in many other schools across the region. We enjoyed an assembly, followed by ‘high tea’ and photos. Thank you both for the wonderful contribution you have made, over many, many years.  And thank you to the family, as pictured, that joined us for the occasion.

Charter Chats -Please join us!

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-10-58-34-amEarlier this term I wrote to outline an important opportunity for you to be involved in the setting of direction and planning for the next 3-5 years in our school. I now wish to confirm arrangements for this.

During the next few weeks we are hosting a number of ‘Home Chats’ as detailed below.  These are being held mostly during the evening, in homes scattered across the community and will involve an informal chat around the future direction of the school. We value your involvement and are hopeful that you will make time to join us at one of these.

What can you expect?  Full letter with return slip attached here. (Please also note a copy is going home with students this week)

Best regards to you all,

RSS Gets Moving Smart

file_002 This week has seen a very exciting new learning programme for RSS,  called ‘Moving Smart’ (P.M.P) beginning across the Papatuanuku team (Junior) and some Ranginui team classes.  ‘Moving Smart’ has a Floor session, Equipment session and Language follow up sessions.  The Floor sessions and Language follow up sessions can be part of th e ‘in class’ programme and the equipment sessions will be in the hall. ‘Moving Smart’ looks at further developing our learners in two of our seven senses – the vestibular and proprioceptive senses (balance, co-ordination and where their body is in relation to their envirfile_000onment).

“By understanding the “learning nexus” between a young child’s brain and body, PMP works to develop children’s physical motor skills that provide the foundations necessary for success in their early school years – while equipping educators with a new set of diagnostic tools and remediation techniques to help children make the leap to a lifetime of learning.” (Moving Smart).file_004

I would like to invite anyone who is interested in seeing the equipment, learning about this progressive programme and seeing some of this in acton to come along next Friday, 21st October at 1:45 in the art space.  Looking forward to seeing you there. Nga mihi, Mel