Year 2/3 Korowai project (Gift to School)

IMG_0553This is the story of Annaliese, Fletcher, Sam, Qwade, and Lachlan (Year 2/3)

Inspired by korowai in class we wondered about the act of gift-giving.  After lots of discussion and research we wanted to make our own korowai to gift to the staff at RSS.  It was important to us to use recycled materials for our cloak so that we are being responsible at looking after our earth.  We had some older students from Kapahaka come in and help us with our korowai.

We wanted to show our ideas in the story of our cloak.  The green represents the harakeke and maoritanga of our school.  The harakeke is a peaceful space in our school.  We wanted the black and white ‘steps to success’ to be the centre of our story becuase they represent excellence and accuracy.  This is what we do to aim high.  It is also in the shape of a whare which is Russell Street School; our house of learning.  Inside our whare is whanaungatanga: our buddy classes and the older children helping the younger ones to learn.  This is outlined in sequins to look like paua, which is precious.

The light, medium and dark brown are like rafters (ribs) in the whare nui.  They represent the teachers and staff who much have courage to teach us.  The top of our cloak has a pattern of red and blue like an hour glass.  This represents the time it takes to learn.  The feathers have been designed by all the children in the school and each feather has a special message on the back about how RSS helps us to be the best learners we can be.


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