Are You Our New LIbrary Assistant?

Are you interested in the position of Library Assistant at Russell Street School, open-minded and passionate about reading?

We are presently developing a strategic plan around future development in the library space and above all else, require someone open-minded, with a creative vision for the future of our library space and indeed this job.  You will notice in the Job Description that we refer to it as ‘The Hub’ –a concept, similar to the ‘Youthspace’ (Connected with the City Library) in town, that we want to pursue further.

This position of twelve hours is flexible but some of our hopes and goals are around extending the availability of this space beyond 3.00, so there will need to be some negotiation.  For instance, it could be that this position is from 1.00 – 4.00 pm daily for four days per week.

We welcome all enquiries.  Details, including how to apply are linked on this page. (click here)

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