Final Week Notices.

Please be reminded that school ends on Friday, December 15th at 1pm, following our final assembly.  This final assembly, beginning at 12 pm will be a chance to farewell some staff & BOT, share in some carol singing and celebrate a wonderfully positive year in the school.
On Monday we did our best to distribute the mountain of lost property. Some of it has been easy to return to owners as it has been named. However, there still remains a lot of items uncollected.  Please take time to check on or before the last day, as anything left over will be donated to charity.
All school reports are being sent home Wednesday, in a sealed envelope.  This will be accompanied by notices for class placement, stationery and digital class information.
And, finally, please help us to take care of our beautiful school property over the break.  Please help us ensure ‘our’ community is not ruled by any destructive hooligans.  If you notice any trouble please either take action or report it to the Police. (Photos are always helpful!)
Regards from us all,

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