Swimming Pool Open

For those of you who have purchased pool keys, the school pool is now open for the summer!

Enjoy and please respect the rules:
  1. Supervisors must be the parent/legal guardian of the child/children.
  2. No person to swim alone.
  3. No more than 4 children per supervisor. It is a small pool – please be considerate of others.
  4. Behaviour that could be considered dangerous, such as running, pushing, holding under, bombing, diving and jumping – none of these are permitted.
  5. No bicycles, roller blades, boogie boards, skateboards etc to be used within the pool enclosure.
  6. If you let anyone in the enclosure you must take responsibility for them and when you leave they must also leave.
  7. The pool gate MUST be closed and locked at all times (the key is not to be left in the lock).
  8. Please keep the changing sheds, toilets and pool enclosure tidy.
  9. Please take your rubbish away.
  10. Please remember that this facility is designed primarily for younger children. We ask older family members to be considerate.
  11. Please report any vandalism immediately.
  12. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed anywhere within the school grounds.
Thank you.

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