“Wot Not To Wear” Thank You.

The Russell Street School Supporters’ Club would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations and support for the “Wot Not To Wear” evening with Suzie Johnson.  Our fundraiser event was very successful and we are very grateful for the support these businesses have provided to help us reach our fundraising goals.  Every guest was presented with a gift to take home, and there was over $1200.00 worth of spot prizes won on the night.
The proceeds from this event will be directly applied to subsidising the music and cultural space for our children to gain a variety of rich learning experiences and opportunities.
Thank you again to the following businesses.
 NZ Magazines
 Moxon Showcase Jewelers
Whitcoulls Plaza
 Forget Me Not Flowers
Cameron Jewelers
 Max Wilson Diamond Jeweler
 Hair Works
Hairos on Russell
 Paper Plus

7 thoughts on ““Wot Not To Wear” Thank You.”

  1. What a great event. Thanks ‘Supporters’ Club team. Thanks too, to the wider community for your support. Everyone I have spoken to commented that they had a great night out. Tino pai rawa.

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