At Russell Street there is a strong focus on the infusion of eLearning to enhance classroom practices at all levels. From year 3-6 we have a strong uptake of B.Y.O.D allowing the 1:1 access to devices in all classes.  In year 1 and 2 the excellent range of equipment available allows for creativity and enhancement of our strong junior curriculum focused on establishing literacy and numeracy foundations.

Russell Street school uses technologies to focus on skills and competency development, enhance students enjoyment, participation and creativity and to develop authentic real time opportunities for families to be part of the learning community. Students have opportunities to be part of coding, robotics and 3D printing, film, making and photography. We still use books, paper, paint, construction materials etc regularly, where technologies provide no additional benefits they will not be used.

Some useful information for parents interested in eLearning, participating in online learning spaces or support for better use of technologies at home is outlined in the links below.



 Cyber-Safety  Digi-Classes eHelp Guide

 Cybersafely Policy 

Cybersafety Prodedure

Technology help guide for parents

Making a comment in class blogs.

 Background Information for Parents

 Sample ePortfolio Year 3

 iPod/ iPad parent guide.


 Sample ePortfolio Year 6

 Must have iPad App’s

Student Use Agreement

 Year 1-2 ePortfolios eLearning Strategy







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