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Russell Street School Students Scoop 9 Manawatu Digi Awards

On Monday, November 12th at 6:30 pm, 38 Manawatu schools participated in the Manawatu Digi Awards . The air was filled with suspense as the night began to roll along. The evening started off with a warm welcome from the Pacifica group from Somerset School. We then got on to photography which was a category filled with stunning photos from all ages. The year 1-3 award winner was Teri from Somerset Crescent School, year 4-6 award winner was by Finn from Russell Street School and the year 7-8 award winner was by Jenna from Carncot School. Jacob and Emmett winning the year 4-6 book review.
Then the Regent was filled with the sounds of different music – the music video category. The winners of the 1-3 was ‘Good Time’ – by Georgia, Rosalind, and Grace from Room 3 at Russell Street School.   The winner of the Year 4-6 award had our school band, ‘Adopted Owl and the Epic’s’ Music video was in the finals but the winner was from Ashurst School. The year 7-8 winner was ‘I just can’t behave’ by Room 18 from Roslyn School. Short Movie award 1 – 3 went to ‘Not So Fast’ by Room 3 (3D) Russell Street School, Year 4-6 went to ‘Whakarongo Games’ by Elliot, Max & Joshua from Whakarongo School, Year 7-8 award went to ‘Fresh Meat’ by Nathan & Fergus from Ruahine School. The TV Advert awards for Year 1-3 went to ‘Energy Wise’ by Sophie, Ricco, Sophie, Campbell, Mia, Eden & Stephen from Ruahine School Year 4-6 went to ‘Conserving Energy’ by Emma, Angus & Ava from Ashurst School. Year 7-8 went to ‘SG Energy’  by Gemma & Samara from Ross Intermediate.
Supreme Award Winners

Year 1 – 3 Supreme Award Winner: Not So Fast SHORT MOVIE (Room 3 – Russell Street School.

Year 4 – 6 Supreme Award Winner: The Rain DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH (Finn – Russell Street School). Pictured above.

Year 7 – 8 Supreme Award Winner: The Highwayman ANIMATION (Charlie – Whakarongo School).

Best Actor or Actress: Georgia Tindle in ‘Good Time’ (Music Video)

RSS Whanau Roopu Hangi Day

Kia Ora e te whanau, Nic and I would like to say a special thanks to everyone who was involved with preparing and cooking the hangi on the weekend and all the parent helpers in the hall and the kitchen. Without you, this day would not have been such a success, “You were amazing”!!


ICAS Writers of Distinction

Below is a sample of writing submitted to a recent international assessment for New South Whales University. The writing was recognized as being in the top 3-10 % of their peers around New Zealand.

Laura was beautiful/ She had always been told that. As her long golden hair caught the sunlight, her big blue eyes sparkled brighter than they ever had. As she continued thinking her thinking frown turned into a pearly white smile. “Yes!” she thought to herself, my next book is going to be a hit! Laura was an author and had published 12 books in the short time of 4 years. Laura was still quite young, she was at the age of 30 years old. She was also the mother of two young children, their names were Charlotte and Max. The children were twins. Both of them were 4 years and 2 months old & they loved each other dearly. Laura’s new book was about how to cope with the death of your loved ones. She, herself had already lost her mother & another one of her children. Laura’s father was in hospital, he was dealing with lung cancer. Laura loved writing because she lived out in the open country & this inspired her. She had always loved nature & this was how she intended to stay. Laura had always lived in the middle of Chaos-Town.

Millie Year 5


Lexi wasn’t one to get worried. Even with her four-year-old son painfully jumping around on her knees, she had no worries. She stayed calm. “Ethan, calm down. I’m sure The Wiggles won’t be starting for a little while.”

“Me don’t think so. Me thinks Dorothy the Dinosaur will be grumpy with me.”

Lexi laughed. It was a beautiful laugh, bright and twinkly like a hundred little bells. She smacked her lips, and her lipstick stuck to her clean white teeth. Lexi just pulled out a tissue and wiped the lipstick off. Lexi didn’t care about make-up. She just smeared a bit of lipstick on in the mornings and she liked a bit of nail polish. She tied her chestnut brown hair up into a loose ponytail and she was ready for a day.

Lexi stared out the window. Trees danced in the breeze and young deer pranced along with some fuzzy rabbits. “Ethan, look at the animals!” Lexi whispered, causing Ethan to press his face against the window. Lexi loved animals. Cats, dogs, rabbits, deer, monkeys, you name it, she loved it. Animals made her smile, and caused her face to brighten up like the stars. Her sky blue eyes would grin all on their own. That’s how much Lexi loved animals.

“Ethan, we’re home!”

“i’m comings for yous, Dorothy!”

Lexi laughed her beautiful laugh, as she stepped inside her brightly decorated home.

Laura Year 6

NZ Shake Out @ RSS

You may have noticed the increasing amount of media coverage around earthquakes. Next Wednesday (26th September) we will be participating in the NZ Shakeout event. This is where over 1 million NZ’ers will be highlighting systems and procedures relating to earthquakes. 

At school we want children aware of the systems we have in place for when their is an earthquake, Drop – Cover- HOLD. We will then proceed to the evacuation area and assemble as a school. 

To sychronoze the event we will announce “earthquake” over the PA at 9:26am and may also play the civil defence emergency broadcast.  
As part of the learning and discussion around this event classes will highlight school and home emergency procedures, aftershocks, revisit Napier & Christchurch’s terrible quakes, discuss the civil defense broadcast signal and what are our most likely emergencies at Russell Street. This would be a great opportunity for families to discuss emergency plans at home. Where is your assembly point in an emergency? 

With over a million people joining us in the Drop, Cover and Hold drill at 9:26-26:9, we know many participants are keen to tune in to their local radio or TV station to be ‘alerted’ at the drill time.

So far, Newstalk ZB, Classic Hits, Radio Rhema, Radio Live, More FM, and The Breeze radio stations throughout the country and TVNZ’s Good Morning show will broadcast the civil defence “sting” at 9:26am on 26 September – and we are working with other networks to have them join in too!

BP Challenge Success


Today three teams from Russell Street School took part in the BP primary school challenge at St Peters College in Palmerston North.
The BP challenge is a creative thinking science and technology challenge where teams get set tasks and materials like newspaper and string to complete them. This years big project was to create a bird feeder. The year 5 / 6 mystery task was to make a marble run and the year 3/4 team had to make a stretcher to carry 2.5kg of flour through an obstacle course.
Our 2012 year 5/6 teams were Scott, Millar, Madeline and Cameron (RSS1) and Laura, Oliver P, Jack M, and Ethan J (RSS2). The year 3/4 team was Lili, Ben, Oliver F and Jacob C.
RSS was 1st in year 5/6 bird feeder and 2nd in the year 3/4 bird feeder and the RSS teams won a microscope spot prize.


“We worked really well as a team and it was fun being creative.” Laura
“It was challenging to get the team to listen to our ideas when we were competing,” Scott.