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Xylophone Percussion Group

Last term Jen invited us to join a group that was learning the xylophone. We have been practicing for a whole term now. We practice with Jen twice a week and some at lunchtimes on our own. We started by learning it in parts then put it together.

We have learned how to stop to keep in time and are working on listening to others so we don’t get out of time. We have been focusing on keeping an even tempo because for the last four weeks we have been going too fast. We used a metronome to keep the beat so we now are really in time.

This song was called “Up the hill and down the hill,” but we have named it, “Bob and Fredrick”.

It is fun because it is a small group, which is focused on playing together.

Hunter M, Hunter W, Sam D, Jack A.

RSS Cross Country

On Monday June 21st the RSS children completed the school cross country course. It was a beautiful still day and the children from year 1 to 6 competed against their peers to find our school champions. We were very proud of the children’s efforts both when competing and also supporting their peers.

20 children from year 5 and 6 will now go on to compete in the inter-school event on Tuesday June the 5th.

Thank you to the parents who came along and supported the children and congratulations to all the teachers involved in creating and managing such a successful event.