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Dear Board of Trustees,

We are sensational 7. We picked our name last year when we met for the very first time. We love hector’s world-he taught us about being safe on the internet. Never give your real name or address to anyone. We read in the library every tuesday. Sonita even takes our groups there. Year 3’s are awesome because we get to take 5 books out now. We have been learning about people in our class in statistics. We found out that Frozen is our most popular movie. We are awesome. We like to learn heaps of stuff. We have a clean up song which is kiwi kids. We think we are the best class and we strive for excellence. Music with Jenny has been fun every Wednesday. Wednesdays are also awesome because we have cool buddies.

By Jamie and Jayde

from sensational 7

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IMG_1131Well done everyone in Year 3-6 that took part in the school swimming sports at the Lido yesterday. Despite only having had just over a week of our own school pool use, it looked as though everyone managed their events with success.  Chatting to one of the Lifeguards they were amazed how many ‘great’ swimmers there were!  She was also amazed in the age of our crew!  Congratulations to all children who not only swam with distinction, but also showed great sportsmanship and team support. We were all very proud of the efforts of all! A big thanks to all the parent helpers too.

If you’re a after a replay of the house group relay then look no further.


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Thanks to the parents who came along to the Poutama and Camp meeting on Tuesday night. The teachers and children in Poutama Block are getting more, and more excited as we get closer to the camp starting date. If you are wanting to look over the camp slides again we’ve put a copy for you here.

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What a wonderful way to celebrate starting our new year’s learning and developing positive and supportive relationships across the school. Even with marginal weather on the day, the positive attitude and can do attitude of the children, supported by the staff,was wonderful to be part of. We are looking forward to more celebrations throughout the year and hope you can join us.

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We look forward to seeing you all back Monday morning, February 3 in time for an 8.55 start. Learning spaces are looking magnificent and in particular, Poutama (R 11-14) has undergone a significant transformation. Another exciting year ahead!

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