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Learning Conference Bookings Now Open

We are presently preparing for Learning Conferences  to be held Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4.  We are looking forward to meeting with you all. Details of how to book these times are being sent home this Wednesday.

The letter of explanation is attached here and instructions on how to book your Learning Conference are here. We’ve got pretty close to every student having a conference in years gone by but we haven’t yet hit the 100% mark.  I’m sure we can do it this time?

Term Dates 2018

The following Table shows the term dates for 2018, as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Please take special note of the teacher only day prior to Queen’s Birthday weekend during which time the staff will be engaging in a full-school professional development day. These days have been added onto the end of the school year, meaning we will finish on Friday December 14th (and not Thursday December 13th).   

Russell Street School Term Dates and  Holidays 2018
Term 1 Start Tuesday, 30 Jan To Friday, April 13 (100)
Term 2 Mon, April 30 Fri To July 6

TOD -1 June (96)

Term 3 Mon, July 23 To Fri, Sept 28


Term 4 Mon, Oct 15 To End Friday, Dec 14 (88)


The school will be open until December 14th,  which ensures that the school has been open for instruction for 384 half-days in 2018.

384 half days in total
Waitangi Day –falls on Feb 6 (Tuesday)
Easter (30 March- 3 April)– including Easter Tuesday,
Anzac Day (25 April)–falls in the term 1 break
Queen’s Birthday –June 4 (Monday)
Labour Day –October 22  (Monday)



From our planning last year, part of term 2’s Professional Development focus for staff is a Teacher Only Day centred around the Treaty of Waitangi and its significance in today’s society. Please Note…

SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED FOR INSTRUCTION ON FRIDAY JUNE 2nd for all the staff to be able to attend the training day.

We hope you have noted this date on the school calendar (at the top of the TNB and website) and have made arrangements for your child/ren. We have informed out-of-school providers and they are able to offer their service on this day. Kelly Club will be on site.  Please contact Renee ( if you would like more detail on costs and the day’s programme.

As it is Queen’s Birthday weekend we will see the children back at school on Tuesday June 6th.