Are You Our New LIbrary Assistant?

Are you interested in the position of Library Assistant at Russell Street School, open-minded and passionate about reading?

We are presently developing a strategic plan around future development in the library space and above all else, require someone open-minded, with a creative vision for the future of our library space and indeed this job.  You will notice in the Job Description that we refer to it as ‘The Hub’ –a concept, similar to the ‘Youthspace’ (Connected with the City Library) in town, that we want to pursue further.

This position of twelve hours is flexible but some of our hopes and goals are around extending the availability of this space beyond 3.00, so there will need to be some negotiation.  For instance, it could be that this position is from 1.00 – 4.00 pm daily for four days per week.

We welcome all enquiries.  Details, including how to apply are linked on this page. (click here)

More Grasshopper Tennis Anyone?

By the end of next week ‘Big John’ (Professional Tennis Coach) will have taken every class through four lessons of Grasshopper Tennis activities and games.  Even the staff have had a session!  These four sessions have been paid for from activity fees. The obvious enjoyment and success led to John making a lunchtime offer available for a continuation and extension of the programme, on a cost recovery basis.  A notice has been sent home on Thursday about this, or you can link directly to it below.  (Please note any cheques should be made out directly to John Salisbury, and NOT the school)  Thanks.

Click here for letter/registration form

RSS Cross Country

On Monday June 21st the RSS children completed the school cross country course. It was a beautiful still day and the children from year 1 to 6 competed against their peers to find our school champions. We were very proud of the children’s efforts both when competing and also supporting their peers.

20 children from year 5 and 6 will now go on to compete in the inter-school event on Tuesday June the 5th.

Thank you to the parents who came along and supported the children and congratulations to all the teachers involved in creating and managing such a successful event.

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