Meet The Parent – Save The Date!

Welcome back!  I am so looking forward to seeing all of you again and continuing on your child’s learning journey with you, and for some of you beginning your child’s learning journey.  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and the kids are excited about all the great learning that will happen over the year – we certainly are.  

On Monday 12th February, 3:30 pm -7:30 pm, we are having ‘Meet The Parent’.  So please save this date as we would love to see you all there.  Further information will be coming home as a newsletter and will be posted on TNB.

Ngā mihi, Mel

Swimming Pool Open

For those of you who have purchased pool keys, the school pool is now open for the summer!

Enjoy and please respect the rules:
  1. Supervisors must be the parent/legal guardian of the child/children.
  2. No person to swim alone.
  3. No more than 4 children per supervisor. It is a small pool – please be considerate of others.
  4. Behaviour that could be considered dangerous, such as running, pushing, holding under, bombing, diving and jumping – none of these are permitted.
  5. No bicycles, roller blades, boogie boards, skateboards etc to be used within the pool enclosure.
  6. If you let anyone in the enclosure you must take responsibility for them and when you leave they must also leave.
  7. The pool gate MUST be closed and locked at all times (the key is not to be left in the lock).
  8. Please keep the changing sheds, toilets and pool enclosure tidy.
  9. Please take your rubbish away.
  10. Please remember that this facility is designed primarily for younger children. We ask older family members to be considerate.
  11. Please report any vandalism immediately.
  12. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed anywhere within the school grounds.
Thank you.

Final Week Notices.

Please be reminded that school ends on Friday, December 15th at 1pm, following our final assembly.  This final assembly, beginning at 12 pm will be a chance to farewell some staff & BOT, share in some carol singing and celebrate a wonderfully positive year in the school.
On Monday we did our best to distribute the mountain of lost property. Some of it has been easy to return to owners as it has been named. However, there still remains a lot of items uncollected.  Please take time to check on or before the last day, as anything left over will be donated to charity.
All school reports are being sent home Wednesday, in a sealed envelope.  This will be accompanied by notices for class placement, stationery and digital class information.
And, finally, please help us to take care of our beautiful school property over the break.  Please help us ensure ‘our’ community is not ruled by any destructive hooligans.  If you notice any trouble please either take action or report it to the Police. (Photos are always helpful!)
Regards from us all,

Congratulations Raffle for a ride Winners.

Congratulations to the children who have won a ride to school in one of the many vehicles provided by our generous community. Below are the names of the children drawn out and the likely vehicles they will be travelling to school in on Friday November the 24th. The vehicles will be arriving just after 9am and assembling on the court. We are asking children to go to their classes first and come out as a group, with their teacher, to watch the lucky winners arrive in style.


Nate H Rm 1

Bethany F Rm 12

1970 Valiant

Ben S Rm 14

Camaro V8

Rebecca H Rm 7

Aston Martin

Elise B Rm 4

1925 Vintage Car

Jake S Rm 13a

Hot Rod

Kate M Rm 11

Concrete Truck

Kali C Rm 4

AC Cobra

Ben M Rm 2

Hot Rod

Hugo B Rm 1

Ford Hot Rod

Cade B Rm12


Rosie G Rm 5

Farmers Transport Truck

Samuel J Rm 3

Porsche Boxter

Sophie P

Mystery Car 1

Alex C Rm 7

Emily G Rm 3

Andy D Rm 1

Mercedes E400 Coupe

Ryan D Rm 6

Izzy M Rm 11

Daniel Mc Rm 12

1965 Falcon V8

Lenni A Rm 9

1956 Citroen Light 15

Liam J Rm 2

Saskia J Rm 12

Hannah B Rm 7

Electric Car

Sienna B Rm 9

Rona Rm 11

Classic Mini

Hayley O Rm 3

Zyd E Rm 11

Lydia G Rm 7

Classic Mini (2)

Billy S Rm 5

Mac S Rm 9

Lachie C Rm 12

Mystery Car 3

Liam H Rm 12

Renae A Rm 6

Camden W Rm 7

Fire Truck

Alec T Rm 9

Cam M Rm 11

Luca M Rm 9

Isaac R Rm 14

Jazz Bug

Rosharn Rm 13

Elise F Rm 8

Joe S Rm 7

Charlotte W Rm 6

Anita G Rm 3

More by Four

Keira M Rm 2

Victoria E Rm 9

Charlotte L Rm 2

Police Car

Quentin D Rm 11

Lucas T Rm 12

Gabriella Rm 14

Ferrari 308 GTS

Nikolai T Rm 7

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