At Russell Street School we are very proud of all our teachers and love to recognise and support them. This competition is another way to celebrate great teachers but we think if we vote strategically we will have a better chance of winning and having one of these wonderful people acknowledged and rewarded. We pulled the names out of a hat and Robin Baker & Sandi Baldwin were chosen to be our RSS representatives. We are encouraging all our community to vote for Robin and Sandi (Treat them as one teacher on the entry) of Room 4 and get all their friends and family to vote also. This competition includes the large high schools so every vote we can muster counts. 

Simplylogin/ sign up, choose your region then nominate Robin Baker and Sandi Baldwin online on the ‘Win’ page at The teacher who gets the most nominations, wins ‘Teacher of the Year’ and wins a brand new MacBook Air and and iPad Air! The class win breakfast!

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Tena koutou, Hola, Konnichiwa, Bonjour, Ni hao, Privet! Greetings

With David away on sabbatical for the term, gathering new ideas, re-energizing and developing strategies for our school, I have the privilege of writing this terms newsletter.

This has been another eventful and successful term. As you can see below in the event timeline the children have been inspired, entertained, engaged and challenged by a myriad of events. The inquiry focus has allowed the children to explore culture and unity through their classroom programs. This has strengthened the links between community members and children, helping the children understanding that we all have a story to share and can learn from others.

All classes continue to grow and develop a sense of agency. This may be a new word for many of us in terms of learning but features strongly in our new charter. Ultimately we want our students to become agentic learners, yet we know that this is a process travelled over time. In order to grow self agency in our students, we have set up an environment where students increasingly:

ü Timetable their own learning.

ü Attend workshops according to their needs.

ü Have access to ‘roving’ educators.

ü Receive feedback/feedforward from peers and educators.

ü Work both independently and collaboratively in different learning situations and spaces.

ü Give evidence of their learning through a number of portals.

We are very much still in the early-days of this development, yet are excited about the results we have seen from our students both in terms of academic achievement and personal confidence.

The ongoing growth of digital hardware and software that can support the development, understanding and sharing of learning has been encouraging. Many schools continue to visit Russell Street to see how we have embedded these opportunities to support our community of learners and enhance student agency. Our students will certainly continue their learning over the break, accessing learning links from their blog, emailing teachers and sharing learning from their device with their family.

We look forward to the ideas and energy David will bring with him when he returns after the break and another exciting term of learning.

Regards to you all, James Rea, Acting Principal

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On Monday August 25th we supported the annual SPCA cupcake day selling and making cupcakes. It was a great success and we sold at least 400 cupcakes. The money will go toward the buildings, feeding and finding new homes for animals as well as looking after them. Thank you for helping us raise money.

Emma, Milania & Taylor.

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On Friday we took a team year 5 and 6 students to compete in the 2014 Manawatu Mathex competition. Each year group competed against over 40 other teams from the Manawatu region, completing practical and quick-fire challenges in the 40 minute competition. We are thrilled with the Year 6 team coming 2nd equal and also our year 5’s finishing mid field, although only 4 questions behind the leaders.

See if you can answer just one of their questions?

1. A carton holds two-dozen cans of drink. Each can contains 375ml.
How many litres of drink are there in six cartons?

2.Sally is 14 years older than Sean. The sum of their ages is 48.
How old is Sally?

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