Maths Support Teacher

Welcome back to the 2017 school year everyone! It is wonderful to see our learners returning to school with their big smiles ready for an action packed year ahead of them. A very warm welcome to all our new families too – I certainly look forward to getting to know you all. One exciting aspect of the learning and teaching at RSS this year is our new role of Maths Support Teacher or MST. We are very fortunate to have this resource available to us. It is with a lot of excitement to the possibilities this role lends to our school, that I look forward to be facilitating maths support at RSS this year.

MST is the first year of a two year intervention initiated by the Ministry of Education. MST 1 and 2 provides short and long term supplementary support for groups of students below and well below the expected standard in maths. MST focuses on using the expertise within the school to evaluate the effectiveness of current practices that support accelerated mathematics learning and to closely monitor the impact of an intervention for small groups of students.

MST has the following outcomes for schools:
Acceleration for targeted students.
Improved student achievement of learners, with a focus on priority learners, enabling greater percentages of students to reach curriculum expectation.
The development over time, of a school Curriculum and Achievement Plan.
System improvement and capability building across each participating school.
As part of this intervention I will be completing a mathematics education post-graduate paper through Massey University.

This intervention also fits nicely with our participation in the Community of Learning and builds on our intensive work with Dinah Harvey over the last two years. If your child is selected to be in one of the small groups, I will be in touch with you over the next few weeks.

Warm regards, Mel

School is currently closed for the Christmas break.

We hope you have a restful break also and we look forward to connecting with you and your family again in 2017.

A reminder that stationery packs will be sold on 27th of January 10am – 2.00pm, in room 1.  Payment can be made by cash, cheques, eftpos.

2017 Term Dates –Russell Street School
Term 1 Tuesday January, 31 To Thursday, April 13          (104)
Term 2 Monday, May 1

Teachers Only Day –June 2

To Friday, July 7                         (98)
Term 3 Monday, July 24 To Friday, September 29                      (100)
Term 4 Monday, October 16 To Friday, December 15       (88)

Parents/ Caregivers should check with each school they have an association with as there is often small variation in start and end dates.

Thanks Brian and Shirley!

dsc03091Last week we took time to celebrate the decades of leadership and commitment that Shirley and Brian Pegler have given so generously and especially in this community.  Brian and Shirley have been at the forefront of the provision of Christian Religious Education in our school and in many other schools across the region. We enjoyed an assembly, followed by ‘high tea’ and photos. Thank you both for the wonderful contribution you have made, over many, many years.  And thank you to the family, as pictured, that joined us for the occasion.

School Athletics Day

Next Wednesday the 23rd November, we are all off to our School Athletics Day at Massey Park.
Here is the expected timetable that we will try and stick to if you were planning on popping up to come and cheer on your kids for a particular event. We always love having parents come and help, so please let us know if you can help out.


We are hoping that the weather is nice to us. We will keep you posted if the weather is a bit iffy…
Hoping for another great day!

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