Applying for Jobs


Applying for a job at any school is a big decision. You’ll be thinking…

‘Will I get the job?’ and,

‘Is this the school for me?’ and of course, we’ll be asking…

‘Is this person the right one for us?’

There is plenty of good information about Russell Street School available on our website.Contact us if there is any further information you require.

Our School and Community…
Russell Street School is centred in the hospital are of Palmerston North. Apart from the commercial properties along Tremaine Avenue and the hospital, the school is the largest building and the only open green area available for recreation.

Physically the school is unique. All buildings have been extensively remodelled. The main block is villa styled. It is situated on a split level site with substantial all weather playing areas at the front of the school.

The school and grounds are used extensively by the public. Apart from the classroom spaces there are a range of other facilities available for school and the public to use, including the learning resource centre (library and resource room), hall and staffroom.

Our Children and Families…
The majority of our children live within the immediate neighbourhood bounded by Grey Street, North Street, Tremaine Avenue and Ruahine Street. It is seen as a safe and desirable place to bring up a family.

The families within our neighbourhood are characterised by being:
• Homeowners
• Employed
• Young families or retired people who have long associations with the school.

Russell Street School is a small urban school with a strong family atmosphere. Teachers, children, caregivers and families know each other well. We draw from a community that values education and is very supportive of school activities. It has a high decile ranking. The majority of the school population is Pakeha although we have a range of children from other ethnicities. We have a stable roll with very few transient children.

Our families and the school have high expectations for behaviour and academic achievement. With children who are generally well behaved and motivated, teachers are free to teach. The school provides a range of extra-curricular activities and learning support programmes.

The relationship between school and our parents is crucial. They are widely consulted and are informed of school activities. Parents take an active interest in the school and are visible in a range of activities both in and outside the classroom.

A sense of family and community is an important aspect of Russell Street School.

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