What’s on Offer

There are a host of experiences that Russell Street School can offer your child.

• A recently renovated, very well resourced school providing optimum learning conditions for your childukes
• Skilled, professional staff who keep current with educational developments e.g. Inquiry, elearning, metacognitive thinking strategies & other curriculum development.
• A consistent, communicative staff who effectively personalise learning.
• Authentic use of technologies to support and develop learning opportunities, including 3D printing, robotics, computers, iPads/iPods and a host of other technologies.
• Continuing development of a system of planning and assessment using specific learning outcomes and regular reporting to parents.
• Opportunities to compete with other schools eg. Mathex, sports
• Extra curricular activities eg. T ball, touch rugby, netball, hockey,  flipper-ball, cricket, drama, band and kapahaka.
• Special needs programmes for children who need additional support with their learning and for gifted and talented children.
• Out of school experiences to enrich learning.
• A well developed behavioural management system that supports students to make responsible choices.radio station
• Reading Recovery
• Soundworks (Learn any instrument) and a specialist part-time Music Teacher for all classes.
• A strategic focus on improving participation and skill in sport.

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