Current Reports


for April Meeting


Number   Description Attachment?
Board of Trustees Agenda (This page)
1 Apologies
2 Any additional Agenda items?
3 Minutes of Previous Meeting x
4 Matters Arising
5 Correspondence List -In/Out-Fire Service (false alarm and invoice); In -David Reardon (resignation); Out: Presbyterian Support Services (Letter/invoice for fence); In/Out-Pub Charity (Kapa haka uniforms); Out -enrolment scheme review (to MOE)
6 Community/Supporters Minutes
7 Kaitautoko
8 Leadership x
9 Chairperson
10 Class Reports
11 Finance

Accounts 1

Accounts 2

Accounts 3

Accounts 4

Accounts 5

Accounts 6

12 Property x
General Business:
13 Enrolment Scheme Review x
14 Kiwisport Report (Requirement for Audit) x
15 Key Management Personnel (Hours of Board of Trustees, for Audit) x
16 Room 6/7 Development (Initial Thoughts) x
17 School Chaplain? x
18 Speed Limit By-laws x
19 Draft Charter (stage 3) x
20 Student Presentation -Naming of Buildings
21 Annual Plans (from last meeting)  Any discussion?

Reminder: We need to get Minutes Secretary to bring minutes folder in each meeting so that the Chairperson can sign them off as a true and accurate record.

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