imagesWe are presently preparing for Student Led Conferences (SLCs) to be held Monday, April 14 and Tuesday, April 15.  We are looking forward to meeting with you all. Details of how to book these times are attached to this letter while background information about this process is linked in this introductory letter.

Please note that school will end at 12.30 on Monday, April 14.

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This Wednesday Rei Hendry was at Russell Street School inspiring us with her ideas, knowledge and skills. We had a whole day of creating miniature works of art using clay.

Thanks to the parents and family members who came along and joined in the great experiences. Click here to see the full set of images. You can see we have many emerging artists and this experience has allowed the children’s artistic creativity to develop.

What a fun day of creating and exploring this art medium.

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Today I had the privilege of heading to the Esplanade to catch 5 RSS teams giving their all in their second to last game of summer hockey. Two of our teams were even playing each other! I was so impressed by the skill and determination shown on the turf. It was definitely not easy in the heat, and with such a large area to cover. Many of our year 3′s are used to playing on just half a turf but they have definitely risen to the challenge. I felt incredibly proud to be part of our RSS community. Parents and whanau offered many words of encouragement from the side and were on stand by with water bottles and oranges for half time. I wasn’t able to catch all of the scores but I know there were some very close games. I look forward to seeing more sport throughout the year, it sure is exciting to see our Catch Me If You Can skills coming to the fore. Lots of driving, dodging, and running into space. Awesome work guys! (by Sonita,  Sensational 7)

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photo-2We like celebrating the success of students both ‘within and outside’ the four walls of the classroom.  Adam, in his first horse riding competition last weekend achieved the following amazing results: Best groomed & turned out – 1st;  Best cantering – 2nd; Mount most suitable for beginner – 1st; Best combination – 2nd; Most suitable for jumping – 3rd; Best rider – 6th
The most surprising thing is that Adam has only been riding for six months and with 9-10 riders in each class (most older and more experienced), these accomplishments are even more satisfying.  Adam says he was very nervous in the best trotting class and didn’t get any ribbon. Once his mum talked to him and told him to ignore the other horses, relax, trust his pony and just ride her like he does at home …he did well.
Nice work Adam!  We’re proud of you too!

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Dear Board of Trustees,

We are sensational 7. We picked our name last year when we met for the very first time. We love hector’s world-he taught us about being safe on the internet. Never give your real name or address to anyone. We read in the library every tuesday. Sonita even takes our groups there. Year 3’s are awesome because we get to take 5 books out now. We have been learning about people in our class in statistics. We found out that Frozen is our most popular movie. We are awesome. We like to learn heaps of stuff. We have a clean up song which is kiwi kids. We think we are the best class and we strive for excellence. Music with Jenny has been fun every Wednesday. Wednesdays are also awesome because we have cool buddies.

By Jamie and Jayde

from sensational 7

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