RSS certainly celebrated this year’s graduation in fine style.  Year 6’s, the staff, students and wider community thank you for your wonderful contribution and wish you all the very best for the challenges, adventures and years ahead! Ake runga.  Kia kaha.

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Russell Street Students have been had a range of recent opportunities to participate in arts events over the last few weeks. Attached are a couple of the highlights.

Battle of The Bands

Teacher’s Rock @ Battle of the Bands as well…

To bring together the terms music lessons in an authentic and exciting performance, Jenny Boyack led classes in sharing what they had been practicing.

Buskers Entertain before Manawatu Digi Awards



Watch more by clicking on the RSS Live Assembly link. Almost all assemblies are broadcast live if you would like to tune in.


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On Monday the 24th of November a group of Russell Street students joined 36 other schools to celebrate digital learning at the 4th annual Manawatu Digi Awards. This year we had four entries selected as finalists, Abby I year 1-3 Digital Photo, Bella I year 4-6 Digital Photo Story, Room 6’s entry from Abby I, Charlotte W and Emily S in the year 1-3 short movie and a year 4- 6 entry from Liam A, Alex B, Ben I and Ana F in the short movie.

Congratulations to all our students who were selected and well done Liam, Alex, Ben and Ana for winning your category.


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Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.00.37 amRecently Bella I, a year 5 student in Poutama re-crafted a camp story for a national writing competition with Office Max and Papermate and Sharpie about ‘the best day ever.’ Bella spent countless hours getting her story ‘just right’ to create maximum impact. There were over 3000 entries and Bella was chosen as one of 6 winners nationally! Bella won a $250 box of goodies from the sponsors, as well as another prize bundle for herself, and $750 cash for the school. As an avid reader, Bella has chosen for this money to go towards more books for our library. Well done Bella, all that persistence certainly paid off!

Here is Bella’s winning entry:

For weeks before school camp everyone talked about abseiling. At first I thought it was a type of sailing boat. Yay! I like water, and boats. I might be an expert. Then I noticed on the packing list; a bike helmet – for abseiling? Hang on! So my group researched  about abseiling and guess what? It means walking…backwards…down a huge crumbling rock face…just a lone rope between you and certain death. NO WAY! Actually, research assured us it was safe. There would be an instructor and that lone rope could hold the weight of a fully grown african elephant. Hmm…so it WAS all perfectly safe.

…I was still not entirely convinced!

The first day of camp finally arrived. My tummy churned with butterflies. Some kids were worried about being away from home. Not me. All I could think about was dropping myself over some gigantic rock face. As the bus rolled through the camp gates my eyes widened. A huge blanket of grass emerged on our left. On the right a long gravel road twisted up a hill toward a huge wooden tower that loomed high in the air. My heart skipped a beat, I wonder what THAT was for?

Settling into camp there were loads of fun activities to keep us busy. Always at the back of my mind though was that huge wooden tower looming over camp, eyeballing us like a tiger silently stalking its prey. The best day of my life started in a blur until it was my group’s turn for abseiling.  Somehow I found myself at the foot of the tiger. It towered endlessly upwards toward the sky. Struggling nervously into my safety harness,  I was called up the ladders too soon. Had anyone checked these things? They were rusty and old; rickety like a car with loose screws, groaning and wobbling. Somehow I made it to the top. As the instructor clipped me up everything became still and silent. Happiness and light drained away. Tearing my gaze from my shoes I slowly reached for the bar, grasped it and looked up. Here I go.
My heart was pounding, thump thump thump it went. Surely everyone could hear it? I started ever so slowly walking down the wall. Suddenly my footing slipped; clutching the rope in terror, I looked down at the scene below. The rest of my group were miniature mice. As I neared half way down a strange sensation began slowly flowing over me. It was confidence! I felt way better. I even started doing little bounces. I could not believe it. Abseiling was actually so much fun! When I got to the bottom I immediately lined up to have another turn. What an amazing experience. I felt on top of the world. You could even say it was the best day of my life!

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This is certainly worth watching. We can all become better learners!

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