RSS Gets Moving Smart

file_002 This week has seen a very exciting new learning programme for RSS,  called ‘Moving Smart’ (P.M.P) beginning across the Papatuanuku team (Junior) and some Ranginui team classes.  ‘Moving Smart’ has a Floor session, Equipment session and Language follow up sessions.  The Floor sessions and Language follow up sessions can be part of th e ‘in class’ programme and the equipment sessions will be in the hall. ‘Moving Smart’ looks at further developing our learners in two of our seven senses – the vestibular and proprioceptive senses (balance, co-ordination and where their body is in relation to their envirfile_000onment).

“By understanding the “learning nexus” between a young child’s brain and body, PMP works to develop children’s physical motor skills that provide the foundations necessary for success in their early school years – while equipping educators with a new set of diagnostic tools and remediation techniques to help children make the leap to a lifetime of learning.” (Moving Smart).file_004

I would like to invite anyone who is interested in seeing the equipment, learning about this progressive programme and seeing some of this in acton to come along next Friday, 21st October at 1:45 in the art space.  Looking forward to seeing you there. Nga mihi, Mel

Scooter Park Opens

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-29-38-am I’ve been really impressed by the way your children have managed themselves as they become familiar with the scooter park and in particular, show consideration for all others doing the same. It’s a beautiful thing. Like with any new endeavor, there have been a few bumps and scrapes –in almost all cases your children have got up, brushed themselves down (composed themselves) and got back scootering. No one wants to miss out.

We have put an interim protocol together which screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-29-07-am
is linked here. This is the basis of our health and safety plan.  We ask you all to support safe use of this facility during those out of school times that your family might come down to use it, and in particular, to only allow scooters on it.  Like our swimming pool we see this as a family friendly facility, where the focus is on the enjoyment and safety of young children.


Matariki Celebrations/Pae Tamariki

Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou katoa ngā kaiawhina kia awhinatia mai i a mātou.
A warm greeting to you all and thanks to all the helpers who have helped us out.

Last Thursday (23rd June) we had a tremendous group of supporters come and pack meat and vegetables for well over 300 Hangi packs. This was a mammoth task and we were so thankful for all that were involved. The packing was not the only job that a Hangi entails. We also had a group of ‘warriors’ dig the pit, burn the fire and load the baskets to ensure we had an awesome feed for our Matariki Concert on the Friday Evening. Thanks to everyone who came and supported our Junior and Senior Kapa Haka and those who purchased Hangi for yourself or your Whānau. The money we raised will go towards new Kapa Haka uniforms.

On Monday and Tuesday (27/28 June) we took our Kapa Haka Roopu to Pae Tamariki, a concert which celebrates Waiata in the Manawatu. We were extremely proud of all who took the stage and represented our school with Wairua and Manawanui. We received buckets of awhi and praise for our efforts over the two days. Once again, thanks to those who came and supported our kids and helped get them ready for the stage. We couldn’t do it without you.




Douglas Park A Success

What a wonderful day we all had competing with Douglas Park School (DPS) on Tuesday June 14th. I’m sure the Douglas Park children and staff felt very welcome and enjoyed extending the connections we began last year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.19.13 PM
Well done to all the RSS staff who worked together as a team to ensure everything was well prepared and ran smoothly on the day, both on the sports field and in classes continuing their regular program. The RSS children certainly made us proud, once again, for competing with integrity and being courageous in making new friendshiScreen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.16.17 PMps.
A huge thanks to Tracey and Rachelle for the mammoth task of co-ordinating the team of parents who donated food and their time to prepare the meals. I’m sure the children and staff from Douglas Park were very appreciative, I know the Russell Street children were impressed.
Thanks also to Julian Hardy (We Cut Shapes) for donating the fairplay medals and making the trophies. Thanks to Melodies New World for donating the fruit.
 Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.18.45 PM
Finally, thanks to the coaches of the sports teams who had additional practices or supported us on the day ensuring our children were well prepared. The overall results for the codes were 2 for RSS and 3 to DPS, meaning  we lost our Tararua Challenge Flag for the year.
Sport          RSS Wins    DPS Wins
soccer         RSS 3           DPS 0.
Hockey       RSS 1           DPS 2
Netball        RSS 1          DPS 2
Basketball  RSS 2          DPS 0
Rugby          RSS 0         DPS 2
We plan to return to Masterton in 2017 and reclaim the overall Flag.


Here are some of the photos from today feel free to add any others you have.

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