imagesKelly Club September and October Holiday Programmes are now open for bookings!

Our Holiday Programmes focus on giving children aged between 5 and 13 the opportunity to do things they enjoy in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. Kelly Club programmes are packed with variety to entertain and inspire children. Each Holiday Programme is full of exciting activities and trips that will guarantee your children have a great time! Kelly Club is at Russell Street School Hall, and the programme is running from Monday 28th September – Friday 9thOctober. 


For more information and to book online, please visit or email Shayla at

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At our ‘Pizza and Problems’ evening, David shared some triomino games that are useful for practising basic facts/times tables.  These are played just like dominos but have three sides to match up with. Here are some of the templates.  It is VERY important to use these at a level where children gain a high degree of success. Make sure you don’t do all the thinking for your child! Have fun!

(Note these are generally more suitable for students from year 3+ and are in a general order of difficulty. i.e. start with add facts, mult x2/5 and then must x 3/4 etc)


Add and Sub Facts

Mult x2/5

Mult x3/4

Mult x6/7

Mult x8/9

Mult/Div facts

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IMG_6037Congratulations to Amy, Bella, Milania, Abby and Max who have all been part of hockey rep development programmes for Manawatu and played in a tournament over the weekend.  Pictured, dribbling the ball, is Bella. Well done to you all.

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Each month at the Board of Trustees meeting, a report is tabled about the learning happening in each class. This month, the focus is on production. Here’s what is happening in The Bright Bugs.

We have been doing some amazing creating, thinking and learning around production. We are in the design and ‘trying out ideas’ phase (Week 5) and in Week 6 we are going to be designing our wearable art for the stage!!! We are incredibly excited!

We have been telling our stories so far…
We have been making our hats and we have been decorating them. We did our practice hats and we coloured them in. Our silly hats are colourful. I like colouring them in and painting them and sticking stuff on them. I’m looking forward to going on the stage!
By Kahlia

My silly hat has pink on it and sparkles. I did lovely rainbow painting.My silly hat is beautiful. I like it!
By Yasmine

We have been practicing making hats. I put a smiley face on my hat. We were learning how to stick the pom poms on. I made green spots on my hat too. We couldn’t stick our shells on with glue. We will have to use some sellotape or strong glue. I am excited about dancing on the stage.
By Porsha

Look at the fabulous slide show of our first hat challenge.

To learn more about what is happening across the school, see the full report.

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Congratulations to all those who participated in the RICOH Winter Sports tournament last Friday. There were some tough games but everyone did their very best, played fair, worked as a team and had fun.

The final results were as follows:
1st College Street
2nd Riverdale
3rd Russell St
4th Cloverlea
5th Hokowhitu

Both our Rugby and Basketball teams brought home the trophies coming 1st! Soccer finished up 3rd, Hockey 5th and Netball 4th.

A huge thank you to the parents and teachers who coached and supported us.





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