Meadow Fresh

Thank you so much for all of the Meadow Fresh stickers that you have collected.  They have been pouring in the door.  We have 1 more month to collect as many stickers as we can, so please keep them coming.  Meadow Fresh have now given us a new opportunity!

Anyone why buys a bottle of Meadow Fresh Milk between now and the 26th October, and sends their original receipt to Meadow Fresh, can win $10,000 cash for their school PLUS $500 for themselves.  How awesome is that!
To enter, just send your original receipt with your name and phone number plus your nominated school (Russell Street!) on the back to:

FreePost Meadow Fresh
PO Box 90450
Victoria St West

Thank you for your support – any additional support and finances that we are able to receive are put to great use in your children’s education.  

NZ Shake Out @ RSS

You may have noticed the increasing amount of media coverage around earthquakes. Next Wednesday (26th September) we will be participating in the NZ Shakeout event. This is where over 1 million NZ’ers will be highlighting systems and procedures relating to earthquakes. 

At school we want children aware of the systems we have in place for when their is an earthquake, Drop – Cover- HOLD. We will then proceed to the evacuation area and assemble as a school. 

To sychronoze the event we will announce “earthquake” over the PA at 9:26am and may also play the civil defence emergency broadcast.  
As part of the learning and discussion around this event classes will highlight school and home emergency procedures, aftershocks, revisit Napier & Christchurch’s terrible quakes, discuss the civil defense broadcast signal and what are our most likely emergencies at Russell Street. This would be a great opportunity for families to discuss emergency plans at home. Where is your assembly point in an emergency? 

With over a million people joining us in the Drop, Cover and Hold drill at 9:26-26:9, we know many participants are keen to tune in to their local radio or TV station to be ‘alerted’ at the drill time.

So far, Newstalk ZB, Classic Hits, Radio Rhema, Radio Live, More FM, and The Breeze radio stations throughout the country and TVNZ’s Good Morning show will broadcast the civil defence “sting” at 9:26am on 26 September – and we are working with other networks to have them join in too!

Jump Start


As you may be aware The Pre-Enrolment, Enrolment and Classification Policy and Procedures have recently been reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

One of the changes made was to have children start Jumpstart in the three months prior to children turning 5.

If your child is already attending Jumpstart they are most welcome to continue coming even if they are not 4 years 9 months old yet.

Any queries see Julie.

Win a Kitchen Full of Appliance for RSS! Your action needed!!!

PARMCO have launched a website with opportunities for families to win big but most importantly we can win a whole kitchen of appliances (Just perfect for our hall and Seed to Table programme). Voting is now open and with eight major prizes (and a whole lot of facebooking) we can win this! Please visit now and vote for Russell Street School. And even more importantly copy and paste this message to your facebook and get all of your friends to do likewise!

Performance Wows Four Venues


On Wednesday, the performing arts group made up of The Rustling Ukes, Adopted Owl and the Epic and Whanau Roopu went on tour.  We departed Russell Street school at 8:45am on 2 buses, set up and packed down 8 times, visited 4 venues and performed in front of over 1000 people all in one day!  Wow!  The performers gave 100% at every show, making me extremely proud!  The day would have fallen over if we had not had the incredible support from teachers and parents.  Thank you so much for generously giving your time.

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