Creative Design Award for Ben!

Imagine everyone’s excitement when they found out that Ben (from Ignite at Midnight, R12) won a national design competition.  Among thousands of high calibre entries, Ben won the year 3-4 Friendship theme as part of the ‘Kidsline Great Badge Design competition’ and was presented with a parcel of prizes today! Well done Ben.  Looks like quite a bit of chocolate in that hamper!

The four Grand Prize winners and two sponsor designs will be on sale at Farmers stores throughout NZ from September 3 with all funds supporting the work they do at Kidsline!

Wonderful Success in Science Assessment/Competition!!!

Congratulations RSS Year 4,5 and 6 students who participated in the 2012 International ICAS Assessment late last term.  Friday’s assembly celebrated the outstanding results gained with the following gaining HIGH DISTINCTION: Laura, Jack M,  and Oliver; DISTINCTION: Madeline, Ethan, Vasihnavi, Reuben; and  CREDIT Alexandra, Sam P, and James.  Wow, well done.  What a result, with so many gaining the very highest achievement among the best in Australasia -Asia and the Pacific.

Oliver, Finn and Cam’s Model

This model, created by Oliver, Finn and Cam, as part of their City Class Inquiry reflects the diverse curriculum in action. If Palmy was to be rebuilt what could it look like?  The focus question was ‘How can buildings meet our needs without compromising the natural environment?’  As part of this learning, the three amigos interviewed a number of experts in architecture, researched on-line and book resources, and developed some prototypes.  The model shows lots of ecological features such as green walls, ecohouse, grassy areas and high bridges, as well as park like features. All houses would be north facing for natural heating and double glazed as well. The learning was challenging but fun to meet with new people, and along the way we got quite confident at contacting and speaking to adults that could help us.


RSS Uke Group

The Russell Street School Ukelele Group are busy honing their skills in preparation for the Central Ukelele Festival. This festival will be held on September the 1st at Arena 2.

Jessica:”I like it how we all learn new and different chords with help from Jen.”

Hannah:”I love learning all the different chords and having fun at all times. We have been getting better at standing up in front of an audience and being confident!”

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